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Kassel Mission

I'm currently building a 1:48 scale model of a 445th BG B-24 that took part in the Kassel Mission of 27 Sept. 1944. The model will be for a museum being built near the site of the air battle in Germany. I'd like to build a model of the P-51's flown by Leo Lamb (KIA) and Lt William Beyer. If anyone has any info and/or photos of them and their aircraft, could you please email me at:
The Kassel Mission Historical Society is working on honoring and praising the brave bomber crews and fighter escorts who took part in this raid. On a personal note, no one gets more respect from me then the aircrews who fought in the skies over Europe. Hope someone can help me!

Re: Kassel Mission

Leo Lamb was flying a P-51B; 376Squadron ID "E9 W"
Tail # 42 106227
German records show that Lt. Lamb was shot down, but American records claim he collided with German aircraft.

Re: Kassel Mission

We have two German eyewitnesses to the collision in an upcoming story in our newsletter. If it weren't for the 376th Squadron of the 361st FG, I would not be sitting here today. I owe my life and the life of my father, B-24 pilot Bill Dewey who was able to keep his plane flying, to you guys coming in and saving the day for some. Unfortunately, only 6 of 35 planes made it safely back to England, and only 4 made it back to the base. More at kasselmission.com .