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Lt. Daniel B. Nazzarett

My uncle, Lt. Daniel B. Nazzarett, was a P-47 pilot in the 376th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group. He was killed in action on February 22, 1944, in what the History Page of this website describes as a "scrap with Fw190s near Cleve, Germany."

We'd be most grateful for information on the mission in which my uncle was killed, particularly information pertaining specifically to my uncle during that mission.

He is buried in the Netherlands. Would anyone know if he was originally buried in Germany and then moved to the Netherlands?

We'd love to hear from anyone who remembers my uncle with whatever recollections they have of him. If it would help to spur memories, I can supply names of about a dozen places where he was in training and the dates he was at those sites.

Re: Lt. Daniel B. Nazzarett

Hello, Joe.
I have just noticed your posting of last January regarding the loss of your uncle. Are you still interested in more information, as I have a copy of the MACR, and of a resume of that mission, as flown
by the 361st FG??. Please email if you are.
best regards,