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Question about a Late transfer into Group.

Great website to those responsible. You are to be commended!

I have a question to ask the old hands.

My grandfather, 1st Lt Eugene W. Rhodes, was a pilot in the 406th FG, 513th FS from deployment of that group until November or early December of 1944. This was "Snag" Grosetta's group that flew P-47s for the duration. It was the first P-47 group equipped with 5" high velocity rockets on the continent.

His flight records indicate a (sudden!) transfer from the 406th in either mid-Nov or early December, but do not indicate which group he transferred to.

Reading his discharge papers, he was officially discharged from the 361stFG, 374th FS at the end of the war. He has no flight records that show flight time with this group, but am curious to know details if any exist.

Was there a relationship between the 406th and the 361st? It seems awkward to transfer a pilot from the 9th AF to the mighty 8th.

Any details you can share are appreciated!

Brian Rhodes