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I recently purchased the Mustang LOU IV(N51TK) and would interested in puchasing any photos of the original LOU IV from the war. Please email me a copy of the photo and the offered price.

Thank you,


Hello John, I've sent you a couple of emails, one with a picture.



Mr. Mick,
I am currently working on a project -- which appears to be likely to succeed -- to rename our municipal airport Sulphur Spring (TX) Jack Christian Field. My information shows that Jack, who was married here to Margie Lou Ashcroft, chose Sulphur Springs as his home of record. In the larger sense, renaming the airport is to pay tribute to the generation, who won WWII, by singling out a heroic figure in a time of many heroes.
I don't have any LOUIV photos that you don't have, but I have several nice photos of Margie and Lou from that era which Margie's sister in law loaned me. If you'd like, I could email them to you. I'm sure the Ashcroft family wouldn't mind, but wouldn't want to part with them either (assuming that they don't go into the terminal with the display of Jack Christian informational stuff). I hope this is of a little help. Best wishes, Chuck Jones