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HMS Danae Message Board

Welcome to the Danae Message Board.

This is a free service therefore allocated space is limited.  Please try and keep postings and replies under the topic heading for which they are intended.  In other words if your posting refers to 'reunion' and there is already a topic heading for that subject use the reply option rather than post a new heading.  Thanks Mac

  Please when posting a message ENSURE that you scroll down the page far enough to copy in the authentication code or your message will not be posted. 

HMS Danae Message Board
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Keeping Posts on Topic

When replying to or answering a 'Post' please use the 'Reply' button on the top right of that post.

If you wish to respond to an individuals reply to a post then use the 'Quote' button on that particular response this will enable other users to see who you are replying to within that post.

If you are starting a new Subject thread then it is appropriate to post using 'Start a New Topic' button.

Your co operation appreciated. Many thanks. Mac