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Heard Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head the other day which reminded me of a beautiful summer day in Cleveland, Ohio back in the '70s. My wife and I were heading out the door to go listen to BJ at the Cleveland Zoo. As I went through the door I grabbed a 6 foot diameter, multi-colored collapse able beach umbrella that had a 7 foot pole. My wife asked what I was doing with "That"? Knowing Cleveland and even though it was sunny clear sky outside, I replied, "Ya never Know"!

It was a very small private concert for about 20 people that had won tickets from a local radio station of which we were included. The concert was held on a grassy knoll and BJ showed up with a guitar case and a folding stool. No sooner than BJ open his case and got seated on his stool a cloud rolled in above us and it began a gentle rain. I opened my umbrella and positioned it to protect BJ and his guitar. He thanked me and then asked the people if they wanted Him to play even though they would have to stand in the rain to listen. With a unanimous "Yes" from all, BJ gave us a concert I'm sure none of us will ever forget. He sang & played as if he had done this type of thing all the time. His versatility was awesome and his sense of wanting to make it a great event for all was obvious. He never faltered, or wanted to quit playing, and moved from song to song with ease.

As is often the case in Cleveland, the cloud began to pass and the rain subsided with perfect timing to allow BJ to finish his set and pack up his guitar in the sunshine. We all thanked him for, "Stayin & Playin" and He thanked me for the use of the umbrella. As we all walked off through the zoo the concert goers could be heard talking among themselves about how "Great" it was for BJ to play RAINDROPS in the rains. And it was! We were wet, but we were happy!

Re: Raindrops

Thank you for sharing thst wonderful memory!

Re: Raindrops

You are welcome, I had fun recalling it. I wonder if BJ remembers it. Either way it was a great time. I would like to see him perform again. It's been too long.

I was privileged to be able to sit onstage with the Eagles at the Richfield Coliseum which was just South of Cleveland. And the old Cleveland Agora was always my favorite haunt!