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BJ Thomas Concert October 12,2014.New Brunswick N.J.

I have been a BJ thomas fan for many years. I am getting married on October 11. I am going to the show on the 12th. Out of all the great songs he sings and there are many. I was one when Hooked On A Feeling was released. By four. I knew all the words to this any many other BJ Thomas songs. My favorite song is Rock and Roll Youre Beautiful. It was a song on the New Looks album. I saw the concert in Atlantic City and it was great. I wish it was longer though. And that he sang some of his newer songs too. It is amazing that his music spanned so many decades. And touched so many people. I too found God. And I owe a lot to BJ Thomas. Especially his gospel music. My girlfriend Stacey is a new BJ Thomas fan. If anyone can get this message to Mr. Thomas. My new wife would be thrilled if Mr. Thomas could say hello to her during the concert. No worries if not. We will still enjoy every minute of the conceret. God Bless Everyone. Rob.