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8 yr. old JP wants Meet n Greet for July Choctaw Casino

Hi fans and BJ!

My son saw you (BJ) at Buffalo Run Casino and he is begging me to see you again...I saw you are in concert at Choctaw casino in July. If somehow we can afford the trip (its a 3 hour drive so would need a room too) and tickets is there any way he can possibly get a meet n greet? He is 8 yrs handed him your pocket kerchief and he tells everyone about it. He has been musical since age 2 or 3....I am not musical at all can't sing a note but JP has drums, keyboard and most recently set up a buckets and bords outside... It would mean so much if you could sign that kerchief scarf for him...He took it to school and no one knew who BJ was ... so he told them. He told them all about the concert and the music and songs...This boy has an ear and I just want to do everything I can to help him learn about music...we take him to concerts any time we can so he can see the GREATS!

Thanks! for coming to Buffalo Run and thanks so much for the impact on young John-Peter (JP) life...