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I saw BJ last night in Riverside, Iowa and I just wanted to share the fact that like many others I love his music. We were in the front row almost on the was great..what a class act he is.

What I wanted to share was to tell him that when I was in Vietnam in 1967 that we were a bunch of lonely guys and we played "I'm so lonesome I could cry" many times every day for a year. I probably heard it 5,000 times that year and every time I hear it I still think of Vietnam.

Last night was terrific..Thank You for the memories..


Re: Vietnam - Feb 8, 2014 Riverside

Ditto to your quote on Billy Joe's class act, Gordon. I too was in the front row. I hard pressed my gal to go with me to drive 200 miles and stay in a hotel that we could hardly afford just to get the chance to see B.J. again. It was worth every penny. Seen him at Expo Gardens in Peoria, IL in late 60's/early 70's and have followed his heartfelt music ever since.
Made our chilly weather seem so much more bearable.
Thanks again, B.J. ! Wishing you the best and hoping you continue to warm your audiences and followers for many more years!