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Have alway appreciated your music. Long- time follower,since the first time I heard on you do the Raindrops on the "CKLW" AM radio about....well, I was 14 yrs. old at the time living in the middle of know-where's ville in MI, back n '69-70. Radio stations were bad back reception wise,in "no-where's ville" back then.
Don't know why, but I distinctively remember this, my two older sisters in the front were yard gettin' a suntan and I heard that Raindrops song playing and it just somehow stuck. Then I saw Butch Casssidy with my dad later on and made the connection.....
Saw you and the band later, and you in DEtroit back in the early 80's for the fist time and was pretty much hooked on the style of music you were doing. Thirty years later and twenty shows since then, I have seen with the little lady, and am still wondering how you do what you do so well. Would love to see what you can do with some R and B, that would be great if you could pull it off on a CD one day.

Take care hope to see a show in MI in 2013.

I probably speak for many of the faithful. What a gift you have. Thanks.

Keep it happenin'.