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Reunion and Help Me Make it to My Rocking Chair


The unfortunate side of people switching to CD's and giving up their turntables is that some great LP's get lost and forgotten.

Both of these LP's were produced by Chips Moman and feature some of BJ's best work. They are both country flavored and BJ's voice is probably at its peak. Chips always manages to get great performances from BJ, and also the top notch Nashville musicians featured on these albums.

Highlights are Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song,Crying, Beautiful Things, City Boys and Who Broke Your Heart and Made You Write That Song.

Help Me Make it to My Rocking Chair:
Highlights are the title song,Ballyhoo Days,Today I Started Loving You Again, Lyin Again, Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues and Let it Be Me.

If your only experience with BJ's music is on CD's then you are missing out on some of his best music. A lot of it will never be released on CD, so you need to find it on vinyl, cassettes, 8 track or reel to reel.I regret giving up my reel to reel when I moved! Apparently some of the Scepter releases on reel to reel are superior in sound to the vinyl.