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My wife drove 2 and a half hours Saturday night from our home near Knoxville to see BJ and the band in concert at Renfro Valley about an hour north of the Kentucky line. They have hosted country shows there since WWII. We have seen him in concert now five times and he has never been better. He shared billing with Gary Puckett and I will never know why. BJ was tremendous and we have never seen him better. The place went nuts when he sang two songs acapella and four gospel songs. His voice was rich and strong and still so beautiful getting all those high notes. He looked great in a nice suit coat and dark dress slacks and dress shirts and it was hotter than H in there and he kept going and did an hour and a half show. The man remains my favorite singer since Elvis died and I just hope he will schedule some dates now in greater Knoxville or Pigeon Forge. Most of All is my favorite song of his ever since we listened to it in Vietnam and it was the third song he did. The band is just wonderful too-amazing how good they are and with him so long. Thank you BJ- thanks for working your Axx off and for a great concert. My wife still thinks he is the hottest thing she has ever seen-the sweet Christian girl goes nuts wwhen she sees him.