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I met BJ thomas when I was a young girl

I grew up in Medford, on Long Island and when I was young BJ Thomas kept his horse on a Horse farm where I lived. He lost a bracelet that was very special to him when riding the horse on a back country road and My brother and I were walking on the road and we found the bracelet and it was inscribed so we knew who it belonged to and we brought it to him. He was so nice and so thankful and appreciative he let us hang out with him and watch him ride his horse around the ring...I remember it so vividly..What a striking young man he was..I wish I could meet him and reminisce with him about those days.

Re: I met BJ thomas when I was a young girl

What a sweet story, one you'll never forget. That was nice of BJ to let you hang out with him. But, that is the kind of person he is. Maybe you will get to see him in concert sometime and you can reminisce if he has a meet/greet. God bless. JoAnn.

Re: I met BJ thomas when I was a young girl

Now that is a cool story. Thanks for sharing it with us.