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Dear B.J

Firstly I would like to Thank you for coming down to Australia to perform, I hope you liked my country when you were here, just as much as I like the USA, (The 28 States I have Visited So Far)My wife asked me to take her to see you and I am really glad that she did, because with out a lie Sir you still sounded live like my Mothers Vinyl Records she would play back in the sixties when doing her house work on a Saturday morning, So Please grant me One request from you, and that is Please come back to Sydney, Australia again, you are a real Professional Entertainer and you have a Fanstaic Band also B.J

Have a Safe Journey Home, I know its a long way to come as I have traveled to the US many a time myself, but it's worth it in the end.What ever Country we land in

Regards & God Bless

Big O

Sydney Australia.