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Re: Re: Re: Where's Margie?

Don't know who it was that made the cutting remark (it was either anonymous or just signed a BJT fan, if I remember correctly). It was in reference to a link that Margie had gotten confused about. It was made sometime after June 20, 2008. ( That is the last time I see that Margie made a post here.) Whenever it was that this all took place, Margie said in response that she would not ever post on this site again. She would go to MySpace instead. (Sometime later Bobbie removed those posts.)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Where's Margie?

Thanks, Joanne G. Some people can be downright cruel.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Where's Margie?

Margie, I know I speak for many. (Should have spoken up sooner). We would love to have you back. Please consider it. Thank you. God bless you. JoAnn