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Re: Re: perspective on the movie Jake,s Corner

I also thought it looked very interesting. I just love Colton and I also am looking forward to seeing the movie. Anything where B.J. sings is worth every minute of my time.

Re: perspective on the movie Jake,s Corner

Thanks for sharing your personal feedback on the movie.
Was wondering what type of acting you might be interested in doing in the future? What type of role would you be interested in.
Do you have any ideas that might include a soundtrack of your music.
I could foresee you doing something maybe along the lines of that movie that Kristofferson did with Barbara Streisand (sp). A Star Is Born, something that showcases your musical talent.
Saw you in the Jory film, where you spun those pistols around on your hands. Too cool. Almost like Roy Rogers!
Wishing you the best of whatever becomes out of this and in the future.

Re: Re: perspective on the movie Jake,s Corner

Glad to hear your perspective, B.J. The publicity has been great, I think, and I know your fans are anxious to see the film. Hopefully, more movie parts will come your way in the near future. My family already has our tickets to see you in Biloxi for your Christmas show and are looking forward to seeing you then Take care.

Re: perspective on the movie Jake,s Corner

I BET IT'S GREAT!!!...and you know if it comes to NASHVILLE I'll BE THERE!!

Re: perspective on the movie Jake,s Corner

Hope the movie makes its way into Michigan. Your music is great. You are with out a doubt the greatest male vocalist of all time. In all honesty I would like to see a move made based on the life of BJ Thomas. Keep rockin the BJ music way.

Re: perspective on the movie Jake,s Corner

It's obvious that hollywood critics aren't in touch with what alot of Americans would like to see. Good movies that you can take your kids to with a lesson in human kindness. Most of the reviews from "real" people were good. If it doesn't make it to movie theaters, I hope we can at least see it on DVD later.

Re: Re: perspective on the movie Jake,s Corner

Does anyone know when it will be available on the web site to buy? I'm sure after it's been in theaters for a while. I really want to get it. I'm also excited for the music. I love the song B.J. did for the movie. I can't tell you how many times I've played it.

I hope B.J. does alot more acting. I agree, it would be great to see his life story.

Re: Re: Re: perspective on the movie Jake,s Corner

Thanks Kim. I have been to many of BJ's concerts starting in about 1969. I have heard him speak of his relationship with his father and his experience when flying to Hawaii, his finding Christ as his savior. I believe his life story would be inspirational to many people.