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Re: Where To Find The Out-Of-Print LPs, Cassettes and CDs

I am trying to find 'The Garner State Park Song" supposedly written and sang by B J Thomas and The Triumphs Band. Would anyone happen to know where I could locate this song? I've tried the sites made mention of. Is anyone familiar with the song I'm speaking about?
THNX ...for any info you may have

Garner State Park

"Garner State Park" can be found on the 1999 Edsel CD titled "Earliest Hits and Great Covers", which is listed on our discography page. It can be purchased at and other online stores. Try this link:

Earliest Hits Great Covers

The lyrics can be found on our lyrics page on this website.

Re: Garner State Park


Garner State Park can also be found on the LP "The Very Best of B.J. Thomas" on the Hickory label LP-133. It also has a different version of Billy and Sue as well as some very nice songs written by Mark Charron.

I have seen a few copies of it available through ebay.