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Re: Jake's Corner - LATEST NEWS !

Hello all,
I'm the webmaster for "Jake's Corner". I just ran across this posting in your forum and thought I'd give an update about the movie.

We are indeed opening in the Harkins Theaters on Sept 5th, '08. If we can get everyone's help in spreading the news and filling seats then we'll be branching out into more theaters. This will be great for BJ Thomas fans as well. BJ has a good amount of screen time and delivered a great performance (playing his music and acting!)

If you haven't read our site blog lately, here's the latest scoop... about a week ago BJ performed "When The Hero Dies" (one of his songs from the movie) live on stage for the Hero Awards. This performance will be televised on MyNetwork (a FOX affiliate) in mid-July.

We will be posting more news on the site and our myspace page as soon as we get it. This will include: info about the televised performance by BJ Thomas, as well as theater listings and which cities/screens the movie will start out on.

Please come on by the site to see what else is new. We just added 2 new video clips this morning, and another small photo gallery.