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Re: Re: "Hero Among Us"

this one is on page 10 I think about 3 photos--

Re: "Hero Among Us"

Margie... I couldn't log on to any of the websites... I must be doing somethinhg wrong...

Re: Re: "Hero Among Us"

I couldn't either!

Re: Re: "Hero Among Us"

I didn't sign in on any of those sites. I just went to the photo or photos. If you can get to the site maybe you could type in B.J. name and it would pull it up. Could you have your computer settings set up to not allow this. I am not sure what the problem could be but I can see them easily on my computer--windows vista. I can't put html on here or I would put a direct link. I'll put it on my myspace for a day or so (the photos). Give me time to do that and then check check the photos.

Re: Re: Re: "Hero Among Us"

maybe you could try this link in the mean time. It has photos of B.J. and Gloria Thomas. I think three photos. also go to their website

Re: Re: Re: Re: "Hero Among Us"

here is a link with an interview and picture of B.J. at the Hero Awards.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: "Hero Among Us"

okay it should work, go to my page
click on photos and then B.J.
I only put 5 on there for now because
we have to leave.