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Re: Concert in MN - The good and the bad

That is not like B.J. at all. Every show I have been to he came out after and talked with all the fans and signed everything anyone had. He must have had to go in a hurry for some reason. I even had a picture taking with him. Don't hold it against him.

Re: Re: Concert in MN - The good and the bad

I have been to nine BJT concerts and BJ came out to meet and greet after four of them. He does what he can and I think we should accept that. Mostly on the times when he didn't come out, he had been at a concert the night before or he had to leave in a hurry.( Two times he came out when he wasn't feeling good, one with having the flu the night before,and the other he had a sinus infection) And the fact that he was filling in for the Seals/Seals concert, I think that you might try to understand where he is coming from. He does give everyone their money's worth and then some. I know you said everyone enjoyed the concert, so think of how really blessed you were. JoAnn G.

Re: Re: Re: Concert in MN - The good and the bad

They had just done a Sunday thru Wednesday night run (3 shows each night) at Disneyworld, then headed up here to MN for 2 shows, several miles apart. I would say that they were all a little worn down. However, BJ voice was still great!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Concert in MN - The good and the bad

My husband and I are from Wisconsin and met our good friends from Upper Michigan and attended B.J.'s concert in Grand Rapids, MN on Friday evening. He put on a great concert! The music was awesome, as usual. We would have liked to get a chance to visit with B.J. after the concert for awhile also but we do certainly understand that B.J. had a tiring schedule before that time so what people need to understand is that he is only human and needs to get rest sometimes. He has spent a lot of time with us in the past signing autographs, talking about what's up in his life, etc. He is not only a great performer but is a sensitive, caring person. It hurts to hear people judging him because they don't think he always does the right thing. We love you B.J. and are looking forward to seeing you when you are in our area in the future. Take care and God bless!