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Holiday request from B.J. and staff

With the upcoming Holiday season drawing near BJ and the BJ Thomas Staff would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday. Every year for Christmas BJ receives gifts from his fans that he holds near and dear to his heart; however for this gift giving season BJ would like to request one wish. He would like for his fans to make a donation to Pathway to Spirit on his behalf instead of a personal gift. A donation to Pathways to Spirit will directly help to build straw bail houses on the Pine Ridge Reservation and supply them with heat and basic food necessities for their holiday. We would like to ask that people that do not intend to send even a card, to make even a small donation to Pathways to Spirit. This year BJ has arranged with Carmeen at pathways to send a hand written thank you letter to anyone who contributes. You may make your donations at the following address or look at the website.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays

BJ Thomas and the BJ Thomas staff

Pathways To Spirit
4307 Goldeneye Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526
(970) 282-8573