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Shantanu Panigrahi shared a memory.
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2 years ago
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Shantanu Panigrahi
15 November 2020 ·
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A man without a spiritual-rudder drifts about in the ocean of mundane materialism as a slave to his body and masters in pointless existence of servitude.

Shantanu Panigrahi
15 November 2021
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Each life is a thread of individual history: the question is how to ensure that one's legacy is that of perfect actions (karma).
Shantanu Panigrahi shared a memory.
54 m · 15 November 2022 update
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Charting the truth path through Brahma-Nature gets progressively easier when one loses all ones attachments to become the Self where actions are nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated. One is liberated in this state of being because actions then are perfect, so perfect in truth-accommodation that the mind is free of anxieties and resulting suffering.

3 years ago: 15 November 2019 posted on Facebook
Brahman-Nature is a very tough Entity to travel through if one strives for perfection of existence. But the strive must continue by understanding Brahman reality and charting one’s truth path through the jungle to attain liberation or moksha. This is the principle on which I live and it is called satya-advaita or truth accommodation.