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Shantanu Panigrahi shared a memory.
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Knowledge is the realisation of truth. When it ascends into the heights of spirituality intellect disappears and one enacts truth each moment of existence as an end in itself. So two years since I wrote that intellect is now seen by me as materialistic (of the body-brain-mind complex) and so not only does it have limitations it does not lead to liberation, being concerned about the dignity of attaining the status of purushottama or Swami, or other objectives that remain in the mind. These are bondages and one suffers as a result. Living is about the cessation of suffering as Buddha talked about, but he did not have a solution as Buddhism currently practices. When one lives free of thoughts of the past, present and future one is in the Divine state with no attachments, no objectives, no anticipations, no wishes, no hopes, etc, and the mind that then becomes consequently still in spontaneity of actions is blissful. One does not even identify with the higher Self, an attachment to the Absolute. It is nirvana
2 years ago
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Shantanu Panigrahi
16 July 2020 ·
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The opportunities for knowledge acquisition available and a living beings genetic-predisposition to avail during life determines the changing 'Frame of Mind (the religion adopted) that produces the actions moment by moment into the resulting karma during the course of life, and hence the dignity that it possesses during the time period of living: in other words intellect is sharpened by knowledge, the greater the knowledge the more dignity it attains towards the perfection of purushottama.