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Shantanu Panigrahi shared a memory.
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Spirit comes about only when the Creator decides to intervene in the affairs of an individual and through the individual the wider society of mankind, otherwise Spirit lies dormant in the psyche of the person. Notwithstanding Om is the Self as Creator in Brahman and through the process of yoga one can relinquish all one’s attachments and ego and give up all ones plans, missions, dharma (duties and righteous actions) hopes, wishes and desires and thereby attain the state of Self which is the gateway to the dormant Creator in the psyche of the individual. The Self being the Creator of Brahman is indestructible by any of the components of Brahman in its manifestation of Brahma-Nature, so the attainment of Self is tantamount to Self-preservation. The self can die out but the Self never dies as it is part of the Creator that is everywhere in Brahman.

All works conducted by the individual as Self is also preserved and therein comes the shloka of the Mahabharatta 'Dharma Rakshati Rak****a' This is because as Self one is performing sanatan dharma, the eternal law of the universe.

2 years ago
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Shantanu Panigrahi
15 March 2020 ·
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Spirit is something Real: it appears to me that Hindus call this Om and It manifests Itself in truth-accommodation (satya-advaita)