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Sanatan dharma manifests itself through spirituality. Sanatan dharma means duties and responsibilities as righteous actions all the time in accordance with the prevailing realities. Spirituality is the constant meditation involved in this process of Realisation. Response to
Spirituality is not a Religion. Being spiritual just means that you are in touch with your own divine self.
I was a yogi using a method of truth search defined as satya-advaita oneness: only now do I have proof that Truth Conserves when one truth-accommodates.
Sanatan Dharma is the Hindu religion that conserves Reality through truth-accommodation on the knowledge that Truth Conserves.

Sanatan Dharma (conserve reality through truth-accommodation) for Truth Conserves: Satyamev Jayate; Dharmo Rakshati Rak****a.
If one expresses the truth and truth accommodates to conserve Reality, it is axiomatic to assume that one will be conserved, that one's works will be conserved in that no power on this Earth can outdo the individual tactically or strategically to incarcerate him out of the Community into seclusion of a mental hospital or a prison on concocted charges of offences committed by the indidual and to therefore put him off his stride towards truth and knowledge for the emancipation of mankind by wiping out the darkness of ignorance at all levels of society. This is because he has perfected the art of truth-accommodation and will accept the status quo. All his actions were probing an investigatory in nature to find the scope for truth accommodation which is his primary objective each moment that he has to deal with some action upon himself to take away his liberty and consign him to the indignities of a bad reputation which is what a Police State would be wanting to do. He can move fearlessly towards one’s destiny of raising truth to the surface for that is the religion. In raising truth to the surface a Sanatan Dharmi is bringing God out into the open and simultaneously worshipping him as an imaginary idol. He is inviting God to protect him on his theory that Truth is God and God is Truth. So God, however He does it, would implant thoughts into the mind of the sadhaka to get him to undertake the right actions to forestall the criminals of the Police State out to persecute him relentlessly. The Police State will always try to make a case out against a truth seeker for it is secretive and does not wish the world to know of how the State opearates by putting on the veneer or facade of civility while at the same time perpetrating brutality and torture upon the citizen in treating him as a subject and not a citizen.

The faith cannot be shattered for it has taken 24 years of withstanding State-organised persecution on me the author of this article to get to where I am today, still surviving in the dignity of living freely albeit with enforced mental health medications to subdue my political activism.

This summarises the eternal law of the universe the basis of which is Truth and truth alone.

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