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Money is for the peace of the body; liberty is for the peace of the mind: can you strike the optimal balance?
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Food, water, clothes, housing, transport are just to be used to stay alive. Nothing more. Save as much as possible for use to invest in mental exertions. The more the mind is free of physical activities, the more the mental energy is channeled to creativity. This is because with liberty comes the mind’s exploration of the universe, not just of this material world and the useless preoccupations which causes stress and disrupts peace of mind. Once you know the universe you are a genius because the mind has been satiated with pristine truth as knowledge.

Then the question arises what is the Miind and what is its mental energy that is to be channeled into exploring the universe instead of just studying and acting in this material world. The brain is the somatic mind (the memory apparatus) that neuroscience studies. It controls all bodily functions. It can be trained through physical activities like jogging to keep the physical heath at a peak level of carrying out mundane tasks. When trained it is brainwashed. Different people have different levels and directions of brainwashing through academic and political education. This generates conflicts in the Community of humanity.

When one detaches oneself from the somatic mind, we are still alive so what keeps us alive then is the Supermind (mahatman) the stages in between being the atman which in turn can be still raw enough to be called the jivatman. At the mahatman level one is in total knowledge of the universe including all of the material world. With such knowledge one is perfect in all one's decisions. One has then fed the Mind with all the essential food for thought to conduct oneself nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in one’s actions to make it possible to attain the dignity of survival in achieving one's quest for liberty. This is moksha.

In summary, the Mind consists of the memory (somatic mind), jivatman, atman, and mahatman. God is the paramatman and is not necessary to make one a genius. He/She lies dormant in the psyche unless He has a mission to intervene in the affairs of mankind and then He/She can override the Mind.

Beyond the Mind is Nothing. One can remain unconscious but still with a pulse running on the autonomous nervous system. This state is Shunyata when one is in union with Paramatman the Absolute Reality or in nirguna-nirvana. It is not for a family man but for a sanyassi. This why I now distance myself from God.
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Shantanu Panigrahi
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Those who feed their bodies become morons; those who feed their minds become geniuses.