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When one meditates constantly on one's moment by moment thoughts, do we try to go into stillness permanently, and if so, how do we get to know what our dharma (duties and responsibilities) are as we go along forwards with our life every moment that we are alive? Or is dharma not important and relevant to a spiritual life, so that only truth dictates the karma that we perform?

The point is if truth dictates one's karma then one is obliged to truth-accommodate so one mixes with bad people and associates oneself with their criminal activities rather than conserving truth on the basis that truth is sacrosanct. For not everyone knows the truth, and one needs to be certain that one does know the truth. Then alone one can conserve truth through one's actions positively which then alone constitutes ‘the dharma’. And since truth is God and God is truth for a Vishista-advaita Vedantist the resulting actions (karma) performed as dharma becomes sanatan dharma that has been consciously enacted.

So what then is the ultimate truth. Truth is the Reality of Existence. How does one know that one's Reality as perceived is the ultimate truth. One knows that if one's truth has survived all attempts to denigrate it by lesser mortals. This is because the dharma so performed by the truthful, that is on the basis of that truth alone, rakshati rak****a (If one protects/preserves dharma dharma protects/preserves you). This is to say that because one's actions (karma) as dharma is based on this the ultimate level of truth-consciousness it is conserved as the eternal law of the universe.

Interesting?- you better believe it!