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Truth Conserves Truth as an Eternal Law of the Universe; Really?

Posted in Time Line on Facebook:
‘The status quo materially is not the truth: truth is what one knows through the spirituality of truth conservation.’
10.14 am (UK-Time) 16 October 2021

Posted in UG Universe and Time Line:
An axiom that needs to be proven is whether truth conserves truth, as an eternal law of the universe.
Last Update: 11.50 am (UK-Time) 16 October 2021

The meaning of these Statements are profound, in my estimation having traversed the path of knowledge over most of my life and espcially during the past 24 years of adulthood until I reached today the age of 64 and a half. It began with exploring the existence of a Personal God and through the process of satya-advaita or truth-accommodation as my raison d'etre withstood all kinds of pressures upon me to abandon the course of truth to concentrate on material existence. But I never gave up for the Mundaka Upanishad's Satyameva Jayate had to be combined with other adages and sayings associated with Christianity in the United Kingdom where the State took pity on me in tolerating my persistent delusional disorder and related paranoid schizophrenia combined with indications of autism to leave me alone for I had in all honesty harmed no one, despite all the conerns voiced for which I was effectively fined by the Courts to the tune of £4170 to be paid to the Defendant, the UK Cabinet Office for bringing a futile and irrelevant to their considerations a Claim against the Prime Minister. I tried all I could materially to see if I could make progress in getting a Court Judgment in my favour that I was not mentally ill or insane forensically or criminally motivated, but Judgment has not been forthcoming.

This in itself shows that the truth path I followed did conserve truth, for I was a truthful person engaged in the process of truth-search throughout and considered the two spells that I spent in a mental hospital in 2004 and 2008 as part of the learning process, that led to the understanding that the State of the United Kingdom is duty bound to conserve itself and I am fine with that for that is the truth. It is truth accommodation to accept the material status quo for one has duties and responsibilities in the material world and one cannot disassociate oneself from that requirement.

Notwitstanding, the hypothesis that Truth is God and God is Truth being the Maya of Sri Krishna in His manifestation of the swirling of His Sudarshan Chakra was something that I treasured and it was incumbent upon me to be open and honest about all my deliberations to perfection so that the State of the United Kingdom made its decision in light of my deepest held convictions and experiences resulting from the thoughts and actions that I pursued over the past 24 years in what I described as being sanatan dharma.

If one takes out the specific word 'dharma' and uses the word truth instead in that truth is dharma and dharma is truth, one is left with the assessment that is the subject of this post, that Truth has conserved me, Truth has conserved the State of the United Kingdom, I am in liberty to express my thoughts and carry on in the time honoured way of Hinduism namely traverse the path of Satyameva Jayate that all devas travel to find the ultimate treasure, namely the axiom that truth conserves truth.