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Shunyata: the true meaning

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‘Shunyata (Nothingness) is the realisation that truth is inconsequential: 'It' amounts to nothing’.

The steadfast devotion to truth through sayta-advaita yoga leads one to question the meaning of life fundamentally. After 24 years of truth-search in the most intensive manner imaginable, I questioned whether I had a brain or a mind because I had used the detachment from bodily senses to raise myself to the point of mahatman or the mind operating at its interface with the Supermind in what I described as OM with Paramatman residing beyond as dormant in my psyche. It was a structure, a framework to assess Reality, nothing more, for delving into the intricacies of how the Ultimate Reality manifests itself on Earth is not something that one could get any evidence for. Such was the nature of truth. Nothing I did in my life ended in anything of substance for myself or society. I wrote 12 books, the Mind and Mindfulness being the last one under the theme, 'The Allurement of Reality' but few gave it credence by visiting my webiste and commenting on the contents. Some seem to have purchased the books as I received intimation of the creditation of £65.45 into my PayPal Account from the Publishing Company Lulu Publishing, but the contents of the book would not be easy to decipher. Only I know the truth of what happened to me over these years, most of which was spent in litigation that I was not be castigated in society as a mental patient, but I was a genuine autistically motivated truth-seeker.

It was pure truth that I was devoted to and treated truth as sacrosanct in that it had to be uncovered one way or the other. I would not take no to my process of truth seeking through truth-accommodation as the only manner in which truth could be ascertained with certainty. This is because one has to have the hypothesis that a God as a Personal God exists and is residing within oneself and fundamentally in one's mind. That being the framework the investigation had to continue while I still had breath in my body as the only thing that interested me for I had visions, utterances and prophecies of old that had to be ascertained. They were true and genuine experiences. But there were no guides for me as to the eventual outcome of what I was entering into in my late adulthood. I had to adopt a strategy of experimentation to determine that. And tactically conduct myself through my navigation of society in arriving at the destination.

So nothing of what I have ever written should be taken seriously. They were just explorations of the truth: to go where no man has ever been before me. I had all the facilities that I needed, the internet age to study Humanology through the computer being the most important, and I had the benefit of a good wife and daughter to look after me while I chased my dreams in this satya-advaita yoga.

No one has challenged anything that I have ever written on the numerous websites that I have and in the books that I have written and I am a free person in the United Kingdom, never having been charged with any crime or misdemeanours except for two short spells in a mental hospital for persistent delusional disorder.

So today I posted what I have realised: the truths I uncovered were inconsequential to the functioning of society globally and were just a personal quest as a scientist to get to the truth through experiencing Shunyata.