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Shantanu Panigrahi
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Unless one has the highest level of ideals one does not learn, one does not know what is possible; one does not the truth: one vegetates. This is the reason and basis of yoga. The highest ideal one can set oneself is to do the maximum amount of good for humanity of the present day and of the future to come to ensure the highest level of prosperity in a holistic outlook that is in balance with Nature. Then one finds out the hurdles that one necessarily faces from vested interests to ones plans. This should not deter one from one's ideals. If others do not follow you go it alone. Where there is a will there is a way. This is because knowledge acquired from surmounting hurdles en-route towards one's ideal brings out the best in one. One learns how powerful the mind is when it is suitably trained to acquire truth. For the basis of the inspiration for that truth is God when one sacrifices all that one has in pursuit of the ideal.

Of course, to set the highest level of ideal means that one must be awakened as to what constitutes the highest level of ideal. For me this was stirred with sparks of awakening internally through visions and utterances both verbal and written in 1997-1998 when I struggled to hold on to my scientific career unsuccessfully at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich. I sought the existence of the source of those mental disturbances and attributed it to a Divine Power residing in my psyche who had taken over the reins of my personal life, and which led to a 24 year search for the truth, a process necessarily undertaken through the satya-advaita yoga, or the yoga of truth accommodation. If God had truly awakened me to move on to higher things from the noddy work of laboaratory and field level agricultural science, this higher ideal had to be searched out as to what it was. The finding was that God was silent and it had to be a personal research to find that out. I was destined to know it all. The result on this day, the 25 July 2021 is the establishment of my dream come true, of creating the principles of holistic living in harmony with Nature in 'The Climate Change Phenomenon: I had quashed all opposition to this mission and achieved stardom. I am still at liberty free to do whatever I feel like and do so nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly towards what remains of my life. I am my own God: Be your own Guru as the distinguished 'Aupmanyav' of New Delhi guided me during my middle part of my journey.