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Shantanu Panigrahi shared a memory.
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When one has determined to one's personal satisfaction of having arrived at the truth that the universe is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated as I contend, one has to navigate Brahma-Nature. This requires the attainment of steadiness of mind which is attained when the person relinquishes all his attachments to all desires, plans, aims, ambitions, hopes, aspirations, anticipations, expectations, the need to act to attain goals, including the goal of survival per se. When this state of mind is not attained, one is persistently delusional and paranoid schizophrenic in charting the course of living still with objectives for example to leave behind a legacy of being the most intelligent and creative person in the world and other material pursuits. That is aspirituality. In that former in my case state of mind the navigation of Brahma-Nature composed of sattvic, tamasic and rajasic guna consciousness attributes towards saftey and survival becomes very stressful and tense, for one does not understand what the Reality really comprises of. One has not found an automatic passage through the complexities of Brahma-Nature and only has the tool of somatic intelligence based on analysis of facts and figures to guide one. One is highly stressed and makes calculated guesses as to where the danger to one come's from and is therefore paranoid schizophrenic with persistent delusional disorder. So mental health can only be eradicated from one's mind by losing one's attachments to attain the state of pristine atman, and when this is combined with the acceptance of the pre-ordainment and pre-orchestration of the universe one leaves it to chance in bhakti to Sri Krishna implicitly with nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated actions, which is perfect karma and hence is Sanatan Dharma at the same time.

By immersing oneself in Creation life-long one acquires knowledge and with the loss of attachments and acceptance of the fated-destiny to chart forwards to one is also then a mahatman with being a purnavatar, that is to say a purushottama navigating Brahma-Nature at the pinpointed centre of the sphere of Reality as it rolls into the future.

This form of living determined by me through the process of satya-advaita over 23 years transformed me from a tamasic person with only self-glorification on my scientific progress and attainments on wealth and fame, to go through the process of finding out how to live like a human being. Now I do not suffer from any paranoid schizophrenia or persistent delusional disorder, and accept the Reality of Brahma-Nature as organised by God with each little incident that occurs having a purpose in the grand scheme of things in the Grand Design of the universe.
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Shantanu Panigrahi
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Brahma-Nature is so intrinsically complex in manifestation that one needs to be a paranoid schizophrenic to survive its onslaught