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Fr: Shantanu Panigrahi
To: Patricia Bondima
My conscience leads me to this statement. I have no objectives, no plans, no wishes, no hopes, no anticipations, no expectations, no desires, and no ego. I have purified my mind into atman-state of presence, and that is aloof from not just the material world but also the spiritual world of gods and our eternal God Sri Krishna residing dormant in our psyche. It was His choice that this should happen once He had shown me the path to liberation, liberation being the state of mind that is free, nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in one's actions, with karma being just expressed as each moment dictates. That freedom of freethought means that I do not suffer from delusions that God will surface again in my life having made me self-contained and self-sufficient in my consciousness of right or wrong actions and shown that one must always observe the status quo to harmonise and live peacefully with all the components of Nature as perceived by me of being composed of Brahma-Nature with its three-fold guna consciousness attributes of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic expressions. God Sri Krishna, the only God I know, has endorsed my philosophical conception of Vishista Advaita Vedanta, judging by the fact that this morning, the 28 April 2021 at 8.025 am (UK-Time) I am still in liberty to do and write as I feel emanates from my mind to continue to express the truth of my mental state at this moment in time. The fact that God continues to lie dormant in my psyche means that I must not disturb Him by praying to Him for anything, nor revere Him for whatever He e for me over the past 23 years, much of which I spent in the deepest bhakti and worship. I look upon my present moment circumstances as the fruition of my satya-advaitic yoga through truth-accommodation, free of paranoid schizoprhenia, delusions of grandeur of what I may or may not have demonstrated to mankind on the Existence of God and the eternal law of the universe that Dharma Rakshati Rak****a.

Everyone sincerely wishing to explore the possibility of a God should conduct their own studies on the true Nature of Reality and come to a judgment for themselves on how they should lead their lives. All I will say is the without bhakti to start off with the journey to liberation will never be accomplished by anyone, as they will all fish in the dark and find no God. So they will be confined to their Holy Books or revere saints of old and of present day to determine the meaning of life.

So, it is not that I do not acknowledge God: in His Infinite Wisdom, He has channelled me through this course of events in my life and it is the End product, my personal fate.

Fr: Patricia Bondima
Why did you said this

Fr: Shantanu
I have in my Libertarian independence stayed true my words.
1 Year Ago
See your memories
Shantanu Panigrahi
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There is now never again going a time that I revere God for it means I am thanking Him or wishing some outcome from the reverence.