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Destination Moksha

I have some good news for my fellow dharmis: I have attained Samadhi. My quest through saya-advaita yoga has reached the ultimate destination of liberty with no karma left to perform. I am in Samadhi now. I know the Moderators and Administrators would like you all to know that I have proven that Hindu dharma is true in that the multifarious means of navigating Brahma-Nature always had one destination that I managed to find through various stages in the journey and having adopted not this not that negation approach to seeking the truth.

Foremost in my mind from the very start was that I should perform Sanatan Dharma being a person of bhakti although apart from rituals such as going to temples and bathing in Ganga river and worshipping the Divine at Saraswati and Durga Puja, celebrating Holi and Diwali, I did not know what bhakti actually meant at a personal level. So when I ran into material misfortune and no human being was there to come to my aid I had no option but to put myself in God's hands and surrendering to the imagined God. That was 22 years ago. I felt I had managed to find God who I felt came to my rescue so that I had a lovely family that looked after me whilst I struggled for freedom from the shackles of restrictions place in my life by human beings who I later realised were all part of Creation so had to be respected no matter that they were of various gunas as in sattvic, rajasic and tamasic gunas. I sought the truth of the meaning of life with that in mind. I tested various theories and ended with Vishista-advaita Vedanta (redefined) but that was not enough. I wanted to do something good for humanity with my life as the only thing one could do which was not self-serviing and so selfish. It led to knowledge development, and I published all my work in websites that were nonchalantly undertaken without any peer reviews. This so that I did not wish to waste my time arguing with people. I just wanted to get on with my task of sorting myself out. I had over these 22 years been sent to mental hospital twice, first in 2004 and then in 2008 and even today I am awaiting clearance from the Mental Health authorities of the United Kingdom to release me back to primary Care so that I can be free of anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, and mood-stablising medications that the State imposes on me as a condition to let me live in the Community and not back in a mental hospital. But these intrusions into my liberty had to be tolerated so that I could pursue my quest to test Hinduism for myself, and see where I ended up.

It did not end up in Brahmanism (tamasic Hindutva-style), Brahmoadvaita Vedanta (sattvic Brahman-oneness with Self through meditation) nor in rajasic Vishista-Advaita Vedanta that was the most recent formulation. It ended up in full liberty from the world in that I have no ambitions, plans, things to do so I do not engage in any buccaneering for the truth any longer. All the quesitons have been answered to me. I am free, in moksha that is full mukti. This is what I describe for myself as the Samadhi state of mind. All that remains is Mahasamadhi, that is the end of my life at death.

Please Administrators, I know you have not been posting my submissions during the past few months, but make this an exception so that Hindus in the world can go with confidence in their religion with my personal story.

Thank you.