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Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism

The Consciousness that is Brahma-Nature consists of sattvic guna (properties/attributes), rajasic guna and tamasic guna described to be good (pious), routinal, and destructive(evil). The gods in Consciousness is therefore called guna consciousness gods existing within this sphere of the three gunas or attributes.

At the periphery of the sphere are the sattvic and tamasic gunas who exist side by side as two sides of the same coin, the first creative, consumption/emotional, sensual/loving/pious, as the sattvic guna and the other side of the coin being tamasic guna (plunderer, exploiter, slavemaster, destroyer/sexual deviants/murderers, etc. The rajasic guna is at the centre of the sphere of Reality. Now, there are millions of gods in the sphere of guna consciousness Reality at different points between the periphery of the sphere and the centre of the sphere.

The God (male) of sattvic guna is called Brahma (Creator), the God (male) of the tamasic guna is called Shiva (Destroyer/Lingaraj) and the God (male) of the rajasic guna is called Vishnu (peaceful, routinal/accommodative/harmonious/perservative/conservative). All these there guna consciousness Gods have female consorts: Sri Brahma has Srimati Saraswati, Sri Shiva has Shrimati Parvati, and Sri Vishnu has Shrimati Lakshmi. The gods and goddesses that number millions in the sphere of reality have various mixes of gunas that cannot be gone into detail because all the 7.5 billion people are human-gods and human-goddesses deriving their inspirations for moment by moment karma (actions) from those gods and goddesses of the guna consciousness of Reality. Kali Maa is an incarnation of Shrimati Parvati, just another name for the extreme tamasic guna consciousness in the female form. She does not have a consort.

The Creator Almighty Supreme Being is Sri Krishna and His consort is Srimati Durga. They represent themselves in Brahma-Nature Reality as Sri Vishnu and Srimati Lakshmi respectively.