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One lives, so long as one lives, one occupies one's time in something positive and creative towards the attainment of peace and stability of the mind. Truth is what generates the positivity and creativity to trudge along each moment for the inspiration that is necessary to preserve and contribute to truth. It is that way round as well on reflection, in a two-way process.
Satya (truth) when one lives in bhakti (worship, not faith), generates the scope for good karma (actions) which in turn reinforces truth as the dharma (righteous actions). When one is talking about Satya or Truth with a capital S and a capital T, one is implicitly saying to oneself that Truth is God as Om, the Supermind, so Sanatan Dharma and sanatan dharma (the Capitals and small SDsd are intentional) are one and the same thing when fully realised.

The interchange between bhakti (worship) and faith goes on until Realisation is complete when there is only bhakti left, the faith having been proven to be true because Dharma Rakshati Rak****a is the sound eternal law.
That is to say when one reaches the destination without bhakti there is nothing positive and creative that can be done in the spirit of truthfulness, in other words.

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Satya finds karma and in so doing establishes dharma: that is sanatan dharma.

There is always something one can do, is it positive and creative, however? You have to develop your ideas to see what survives the test of time. My test is will my version of ahmisa (total non-violence and tolerance, such that one has no enemies to have to fight or defend against) will survive to give me permanent peace of mind, Om Shanti, to enable me to live now in Shanti Niwas, mentally and physically. Then alone Dharma would have protected dharma as in Dharma Rakshati Rak****a. The passage if time has sent me in a very roundabout manner to home in on this essential teaching of Hinudism. Mahatma Gandhi died for that cause. I do not intend to die as a martyr. I intend to survive until my natural death in peace and tranquillity, so that the conception of ahimsa may yet have to be modified to justify my verbal and written swearings at the humanimals of nature. I am therefore not a pious person preaching like Mahatma Gandhi did and paid for to this day as having betrayed Hindutva.