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What is a Medium? It is a go-between between man and God,a mediator of sorts. This is a very important facility in Creation. So the question needs to be explored.

We have a mind. The mind can become a medium,the question is how do we train our mind to become a medium. You do so by having an objective to determine if you have been selected by God to be a medium. If you have this question lurking in your head from your bhakti or in faithfully carrying on with your work on the basis of some essential features of your spiritual upbringing as the teachings that had been been ingrained in you, and other seemingly spiritual experiences since you want to then find out if you are indeed a medium as such and if so precisely what kind of medium you are. What were the bases of those teachings, were they real or imaginary, and similarly what of the other direct spiritual experiences that you have had, were they also imaginary or genuine.

This is a swadhaya process of self examination and is done from losing all one’s attachments to desires and needs of the body and placing oneself at the fullest disposal of the powers that exist or may exist in the material and spiritual world, in total subservience to such authorities by conducting yourself nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in carrying on with your work as naturally as possible and reflecting then on what work you have done as to whether it had generated anything useful for humanity and so you can then rightly describe yourself as having been some kind of medium, the precise nature of which will depend entirely on what others make of your work and what they appreciate about your conduct in terms of its contribution to mankind as a service to humanity.

One can never make that assumption of having been a medium for it is all in the mental sphere of experience. There is nothing to be proud of for God is elusive and works in mysterious ways. The process of charting one’s life in truth never ends until death, and how it comes about whether as a martyr or in living in the freedom of one's Shanti Niwas free from restrictions placed upon you by society. So the seeker of God should aspire to become a medium in bhakti until death which is the only certainty.
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I have been to the Father and came back disappointed, so that we do need a medium as the Son of God, and that medium must be fully self contained because of the inaccessiblity of the Almighty: In Hinduism, it is Brahman, in Christianity Jesus Christ, in Islam Allah, in Jewish faith Moses and other prophets, in other New Age faiths there are clairvoyants. I tried hard but failed to be one such medium😇