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Where there is will, there is a way. It is an old saying. Where there is life,there is hope. Time sorts everything out given the patience to stand to one's ideals, for truth never dies. It is relentlessly proceeding in its course of events and incidents, providing us humans with the required scope to channel our minds in the direction that Truth indicates. It is unassuming and quiet but the effect is powerful.

Truth is the essence of one's convictions that stands the test of time. Without that there was no truth, only faulty conceptions and ideas that set one's mission of having had dream as a guide.

Truth finds a path that is tolerant to the extent that it needs to be at any given moment in time. For truth is very protective in not letting one do what is wrong to the extent that the action is suicidal in bringing one down to material and spiritual doldrums.

Truth is Sanatan Dharma, the eternal law of the universe, that one can navigate fearlessly in material liberty and in a cool, calm and collected manner, rather than ananda/nirvana as such. Such desire takes one off the path of truth and there is always time to do some more work in progressing the truth as one perceives it.

Long live truth, it is never a question of winning or losing but only a question of doing what is truthful and comes in one's path, when one follows a mission and asks God whether this is a good mission to try and pursue, and finds encouragement from God. In the end however, truth is an indidual human pursuit not laid down on one by God unless one is an avatar, that such avatars are one in a billion. No one has the capacity to follow truth in this way unless it was protected by God all through one's life time.

The hallmark of truthful person is how free he or she is with his utterances, actions and writings each moment of the day from giving up all attachments to bodily pleasures and directives, aims, objectives, misions, hopes and anticipations etc but the only important dream that one had of internal visions and utterances that one can never discard as meaningless, but taken account of with patience and discernment of what is a normal body hallucination and what might be a Spark of Awakening to live to higher ideals than one was until that moment in time that one' faced catastrophic disruption socially to render one to a secluded life of contemplation.